Soccer Heaven: Mia vs. Brandi

by Kaki Flynn for

“Who’s Brandi Chastain?” I asked the person sitting next to me.

I was in soccer heaven -- Chapel Hill, N.C. -- working at a soccer company to pay for journalism school. I had just gotten off the phone with Chad Chastain, who had more notoriety at the time than his sister in our soccer world, because he could score us good discounts on soccer gear from Nike, while his sister Brandi was someone we knew only as “the sister Chad won’t stop talking about.”

Inevitably, Chad, the sales rep at Nike, would introduce himself as “Chad Chastain, Brandi Chastain’s brother. Do you know her? If you don’t, you will. She’s going to be as big as Mia.”
“Big as Mia,” even in 1992, was still a relative statement, and usually applied only to those living in close proximity to soccer heaven.

The women’s soccer team had won the World Cup, but the publicity for women’s soccer was only big enough to carry one name, Mia Hamm, and barely resonated outside of the soccer world.

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