STEAMD Dream Workshop: Disney Film Director, Artist,Imagineer George Scribner

Disney Director George Scribner with workshop organizer Kaki Flynn.
We had a great time putting on two workshops with Disney Director George Scribner, who went to high school in my hometown of Jacksonville, Fla.

We put on a film director workshop as well as a three-day painting workshop, the perfect combination to build the best STEAMD teams.

After being an instructor at a film camp in Jacksonville, I realized the kids I was teaching could use some inspiration from someone of the caliber of Scribner. 

Thanks to the award-winning film producer Kim Murray, film student and now talented film maker in her own right Kaitlyn Hamby as well as Lauren Christopher, another film student that is currently living her dream as a sports broadcaster.

So, How Do I Become a Disney Director?
Here is the complete Q&A, so that anyone who has questions about how to become a film director as well as an Imagineer for Disney.

These are the original STEAM guys, combining cutting-edge technology, the arts and animation since the 1970's.

Don't miss a second of this 8-part Q&A to hear about behind-the-scenes stories from The Lion King, the Imagineers, Star Wars, Disney's Nine Old Men, John Lasseter, Jeffrey Katzenberg and other legends in the industry.

Part I: Moving to the Big Leagues
Part 2: Chance Favors the Prepared
Part 3: How to Get Noticed
Part 4: Imagineering: Walt Disney's Dream
Part 5: The Lion King: Behind the Scenes with the Original Director
Part 6: The Director's Gut: Standing Up for What You Believe In
Part 7: What Does Disney Animation Look For?
Part 8: Give Back, Give Back, Give Back

Thank you to these people that helped me make both this Q&A, attended by 100 people, as well as the sold-out 3-day oil painting workshop held on the same weekend awesome:

Hire people smarter than you. I did.
Hank Bachara, 
Conner Green, Lauren Christopher, Kaitlyn Hamby, Kaki Flynn, 

Nita Curtis, Samad Banks, Kim Murray.


Stanton College Preparatory School Film Students
Kaitlyn Hamby (Key Production Assistant)
Lauren Christopher (Production Assistant)
Conner Green (Production Assistant, Photographer)
Hank Bachara (Production Assistant)

Special Thanks to
Nita Curtis


Emily Moody (Owner, Underbelly)
Provided space for the Q&A
Set up audio & lighting for Q&A
Promoted the Q&A through flyers and cards

Provided food and beverages for George Scribner


Provided three days of space for the oil painting workshop
Set-up, Oil Painting Workshop

Sponsorship Benefits
50 comp tickets to alumni, students and staff of AI for Q&A
Discount to AI students to attend painting workshop
Mention in all ads and promotions

Oil Painting Workshop
Special thanks to Bill Kivi, Professor of Animation, Art Institute of Jacksonville
Kivi was a liaison for me for the Art Institute, and was a huge help in coordinating logistics with the school. He also designed two AI-specific posters for both events and a multi-media "commercial" that played at the school promoting the events, announced the event in his classes, and placed posters around the school, getting the word out to hundreds of students.

Kim Murray Productions
Finalist, Producer's Guild of America Short Contest
Set-up Q&A logistics, audio, production coordinator
Coordinated filming of Q&A, including obtaining one of  the top directors
 in Jacksonville, Florida to film
Promoted workshops to vast film and television network in Jacksonville


Samad Banks 
Director, Q&A filming
Video production
Finalist, Producer's Guild of America Short Contest


Reddi-Arts has been serving Jacksonville for over 50 years. They bent over backwards to take in out-of-town orders for me, which made up 9 of the 11 people that took the workshop. Great to support a local supplier that supports the arts community!

Official supplier for art workshop

Discount for workshop participants

The Island Art Association is a non-profit cooperative of 
local artists in Fernandina Beach and Nassau County, Florida 
whose goal is to further the arts and fine art education

Over $500 towards tuition plus free or subsidized lunch for some of the attendees donated to the Island Art Association to cover the tuition of each of the 6 attendees of the workshop from the Island Art Association of Amelia Island, Florida.

The IAA promoted the event through their very valuable and targeted email list.

Media Coverage & Promotions
  • Event Page: 300 people invited to Q&A
  • Posted links and promotional images on over 30 different pages
  • Sent over 40 influential artists and filmmakers in the Jacksonville area personal emails.
Twitter: @KakiFlynn
Sent over 100 people and groups tweets about George Scribner's two workshops, including groups from Imagineering, Disney, Animation, Painting, Film Schools and Art, with many retweeting the event. 

A huge help from many, many people.

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