KakiFlynn.us & Dr. Sylvia Earle's DOER Marine Host Hackathon for Women & Girls

Winning team from Fishackathon held at DOER Marine and hosted by Liz Taylor & Kaki Flynn. The Girl Scouts and members of the Rooftop Alternative School, as well as tech mentor Heidi Proske from Capital One.

hosted by Kaki Flynn & Liz Taylor at DOER Marine

As much fun as you would imagine it to be co-hosting a hackathon for women and girls at the home of Dr. Sylvia Earle and Liz Taylor, the CEO of DOER Marine.

We were excited to host all of the Girl Scout Troops and ocean friends that came to the Fishackathon this Earth Day weekend, and look forward to all of the upcoming ocean events that will be hosted here as well.

Snapshot of All the Fun We Had (You Join Us Next Time If You Missed It)
The U.S. Department of State Division of Global Partnerships supported this Fishackathon, held in over 40 sites around the globe.

In addition to the hackathon at DOER Marine (Deep Ocean Exploration Research) we had a speaker from NASA, Liz Cunningham from the Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding, as well as mentors that included professional sailor, aerospace engineer and successful technical start-up founder Nehal Gajjar as well as technical diver and Mission Blue board member Carolina La Rotta Dratva.

A marine biologist and ocean photographer popped by as well to help out the girls.

Heidi Proske, an app developer for Capital One, was a key technology mentor on hand.

One of the Girl Scout leaders, Yvonne Nunn from Troop 33184, brought Girl Scouts Michelle and Yahkirah.

Nunn, who is in the U.S. Coast Guard, appreciated hearing from the NASA speaker, who highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion.

In an innovation lab filled with prototype submersibles, remote operated vehicles and great people, these kids thrived and came up with brilliant ideas.

The Remote Operation Vehicle Command Center. The same way the people in the command center at NASA are key to the success of a mission, the same goes for the people that are 'topside' in an ocean expedition. 

Hackers hard at work at Dr. Sylvia Earle's Innovation Lab called DOER Marine, run by her daughtet Liz Taylor.

Problem: Ghost Nets

Youth Participants: 
Rooftop Alternative PreK-8 School
California Girl Scout Troops 30159, 31084, 33184

DOER TrackNet App
Ghost Nets are a very real problem. Using the DOER TrackNet app, fishermen could alert the Coast Guard that they have found a ghost net. Citizens could enter information that would help to geotrack entangled marine life and build a databank of information about problem spots.

Ghost icon signaling a net (with animal icon if entangled) when the net is retrieved, the users personal animal icon signals all clear.

Creating a community of DOERS
Using the DOER TrackNet app would encourage the creation of a community of doers working together to help the ocean.

Instruction for youth activity - Educating youth groups (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc. through the hands-on experiences, empathy activity using ghost nets and the design of a badge/patch using ghost nets. The app will allow youth to submit their suggestions of ways to repurpose nets.

The app will educate and engage the public on the issue of ghost nets by giving the average citizen an opportunity to help the ocean and the biodiversity, that in turn supports us all. The DOER TrackNet app will also serve as a valuable STEM/STEAM education resource helping citizen scientists to gather and share valuable data on the issue. 

  • Improved global relations 
  • Collaborative effort with the common goal of helping the oceans 
  • Empowering next generation of stewards, the children of the world
  • Citizen engagement and shared sense of success
  • Sustainability
  • New revenue streams provide alternatives for stressed communities
Fishing Industry
What if fishermen could make a living fishing for ghost nets, instead of fish?
Fishermen need to be able to make a living to care for themselves and feed their families. The app would provide a general estimate of the value of a haul of ghost nets based on estimated dimensions/tonnage.

Building Industry
We had architect and Girl Scout Troop leader Young Wong on hand to give guidance and mentoring for some real-world advice to the Girl Scouts about building materials that could use:

Introducing Fiber-Reinforced Netting Panel (FRNP) Re-use of ghost netting as a reinforcing material combined with cementitious or fiber glass building material would allow for a free form panel. 

The Benefits:
Reuse of sustainable material
Cost – using free form panels would save on labor 
Jobs - creation of new industry
Environment - Helps the Ocean!

Ocean Science Research & Industry 
Open source data will with Deep Ocean Exploration & Research (DOER) – Raises awareness of ocean research, use of ROVs and the multigenerational contributions of DOER (founded by oceanographer Sylvia Earle and current CEO daughter Liz Taylor). 

How do women & girls tackle the problem of ghost nets in our oceans?
They visit DOER Marine to learn with Kaki Flynn & Liz Taylor for the Alameda #Fishackathon.

Learning about the issue of ghost nets, ROVs & girl power through play:

Only make believe. What would it feel like to be a harbor seal caught in a ghost net?

Every year 640,000 tons of fishing gear is lost or abandoned in our oceans:

Power to the Doers

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If you want to host a hackathon or other event at DOER Marine, please let us know and we will customize a fun event for you, whether it's kids or big kids trapped in adult bodies. 

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