A Girl's Epic Guide to Inventing Everything by Kaki Flynn

Epic Successes & Epic Failures of Female Inventors &
A Workbook for You to Build the Things that Will Change the World

by Kaki Flynn

 A Girl’s Epic Guide to Inventing Everything’ by award-winning author Kaki Flynn is a book of stories about famous female inventors with a workbook for the girl-inventor to begin working on her own inventions!

An Inventor’s Toolkit as well as a guide to registering your invention is also included.

Flynn wrote in her diary as a 7-year old, ‘work on inventions’ as her favorite hobby, but did not have access to the right mentors to continue that dream.

Inspired by her own childhood dreams, as well as current work partnering with NASA women on Hackathons and workshops, Flynn saw the need to give these girls information not just on how to solder a circuit board, but how to literally ‘think and act’ like an inventor. 

“We need today’s kids to reinvent this world - whether it’s thinking of new ways to get us from one place to another (flying skateboards? Maybe!) or how to deliver medicine and food to other kids around the world,” says Flynn.
"Girl’s are here to change the world for the better, and I want us to give them the tools they need to do it. Getting girls to think and act like inventors; this is a step beyond building. It’s ‘First Principles’ for girls," says Flynn.

First, hear stories about women and girls who saw the world in a different light; then grab your inventor’s notebook and head out into the world. 

A Problem? That’s Great!
A problem is a girl’s invitation from the universe to build a new thing that benefit us all. 

This inventor’s mindset will empower girls to start seeing ways to make the world better for lots of us. It’s learning to think and act like an inventor that will truly get you to see the world with new eyes, then get going creating new things that will change it! 

Looking for:
• Girls & Women that want to contribute 

• Favorite inventors you want to see highlighted 
• Inventor’s notebook pages designs

If you have an inventor you want to see included in the book, content suggestions or sponsorship inquiries, please contact Kaki Flynn:

• Twitter: @kakiflynn
• Web: KakiFlynn.us

The book and companion workbook will be published on October 21, 2019.

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