Kaki Flynn, Denver NASA Challenge organizer (right) with a fellow space geek at a women in tech event where Flynn put on a Women at NASA panel. 
Colorado Space geeks unite - we are coming together in October 20, 2018 to work together to solve a group of challenges presented by NASA.

NASA needs all of us to show up, no matter how deep you are in the aerospace industry, from an advanced level areospace engineer to an everyday astronaut whose only knowledge of space is watching Hidden Figures or The Martian.

We all share this amazing planet, and so we all need to come together to solve these problems.

Filmmakers, coders, software engineers, artists, designers, makers, hardware experts and more are needed so come join us!

Over 100 sites around the globe in over countries will be competing as the same time as you.

The Denver site for NASA Space Apps Challenge is now completely full. Excited to be hosting this competition.

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