Rocket Fun: Teaching Soldering using NASA Guidelines to Girls & Families

Great fun, as you can imagine, teaching families how to solder using the NASA soldering handbook and a cool, easy to build a mini toy-rocket badge designed by Google.

This a great way to get everyone involved really confident about tackling hardware problems. My vision is to absolutely have people leave this simple soldering workshop feeling like they can now go build a car.

While I love teaching everyone how to get comfortable soldering, of course teaching women and girls meant a lot to me. As a kid, my obsession was building models and creating characters out of clay, and so getting to teach other girls and their families to be excited about building things is incredibly rewarding.

Happy to teach you and your team how to do the same:

Hardware geeks and soldering geeks:

I have a handful of these mini-soldering kits, I'm happy to send you one if you read the article this far. Just contact me through any of the social media outlets, and I'll mail it to you!

Kaki Flynn

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