Urban Garden: Starbucks Coffee Grounds & Trader Joe's Scraps Builds Perfect Garden

So much to learn from growing a simple garden.

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The most important of all, of course, is the one vessel we travel in our entire lives - our bodies.

This summer, put together an urban garden made up entirely of scraps from groceries.

Not one extra seed or plant was bought.

Even the terrace grown to support the sprawling cantaloupe vines was built using left-over wood from a neighbors newly renovated wood floors.

First, watch this video from our friends over at Amy Poehler Smart Girls.

In this video, a planter box is used. I put my food scraps directly into the ground, and used Starbuck's coffee grounds as the majority of my soil.

Lots of ways to do this, but best to start simple:

YUM YUM. We are so used to getting food scrubbed & packaged, we freak when we see dirt on our food. These are new onions growing out of an onion slice from #TraderJoes. 1.Buy onion with skin on; roots intact. Will look shriveled and brown on bottom of onion. 2. Slice off bottom of onion on root side; quarter inch thick. 3. Bury in soil roots down, dirt just covering top of slice. 4. Water daily. 5. In week or two, green sprouts that look very similar to garlic sprouts (look like long thick blades of grass) will start to grow. 6. Snip off blades to use in recipes, but not all of them at once. 7. After a month, new onions will start to grow to the size you see in the photo. Leave in ground to grow full-size onions, snipping off green tops sparingly in the meantime. So cool. The soil mostly @Starbucks #coffeegrounds #compost #vegetablegarden #onion #urbangarden
A photo posted by Kaki (@kakiflynn) on

A photo posted by Kaki (@kakiflynn) on


Good news:
One of the easiest to grow is garlic.

Bad news:
Ate it before taking a picture. Oops.

Grow Your Own:
1. Head of garlic
2. Pick one piece of garlic; peel off skin
3. Stick in soil or pot, just covering piece.
4. In just a few weeks, will see long green stems that look like really thick blades of grass.
5. Snip off with scissors.
    Don't want to just break off, because causes more damage to plant.
6. Mix in stir fry, hummus, or sprinkle on salad.

Have your own DIY Garden tips?

I want to hear them, and will link to them here if you have a kid-friendly page!

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